Spot Your Potential

THE online dyslexia test

SPOT your potential is the new program that will help you discover your personal strengths as well as indicating if you have dyslexia

 Swift, reliable and non-threatening

  • Only takes around 20 to 30 minutes

  • Less stressful than conventional screening

  • Assesses core cognitive skills that are valid and reliable indicators of dyslexia in adults

  • Unique profiler indicates personal strengths

  • Suitable from age 15 upwards

Uses proven dyslexia-sensitive measures

  • Word recognition - (lexical access) - indicates whether the person is likely to find reading and spelling common words difficult

  • Word construction - (phonological encoding) - indicates whether a person is likely to have more difficulty in reading and spelling regular words that are uncommon or unfamiliar

  • Working memory - (backwards digit span) - assesses whether a person is likely to have difficulties in learning or recalling verbal information and who may be slow at processing information (e.g. when reading)

Image of report screens in Spot Your Potential

Instant results that are easy to understand

  • Results available immediately on-screen and via mail

  • Results are displayed as a full graphical profile with automatic personalised interpretation

  • Includes detailed recommendations and advice on how best to make use of the information provided.

Important - Before purchasing a Spot Your Potential test please view the 'Before you start checklist' page regarding system requirements and test environment.

Why choose ‘Spot-Your-Potential’?

Spot-Your-Potential’ – the proven screener from the company you can trust!

  • Developed by a highly experienced team of chartered psychologists, academics and international dyslexia professionals

  • Produced by Lucid Research Ltd – the world’s leading specialists in software for identifying dyslexia, used in thousands of educational establishments in over 30 countries

  • Designed and standardised specifically for adults (15 years and older)

  • Based upon the latest scientific research evidence enabling swift, efficient and stress-free screening

  • Not a checklist! Unlike checklists, Spot-Your-Potential uses objective dyslexia assessment based on your personal performance. Also includes a unique individual positive strengths profiler 

  • Carefully validated in controlled research studies that have been published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals

  • High accuracy and immediate results in clear, understandable format

  • Low cost – much cheaper than other forms of assessment

  • Developed in association with, and endorsed by, the British Dyslexia Association

  • Backup and assistance always available by email or telephone from Lucid’s unrivalled personal customer support and from the British Dyslexia Association

  • Safe, Secure and Convenient – can be carried out whenever suits you and in the privacy of your own home or office

Important - Before purchasing a Spot Your Potential test please view the 'Before you start checklist' page regarding system requirements and test environment.


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