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How does my software licence work?

The licence expiry and software expiry are two different things. Your software licence agreement begins from your invoice tax date and runs for 1, 3 or 5 years.
Your software expiry may exceed this date depending on when it was installed. As you approach the software expiry, the program will notify you that you will need to renew by entering a new serial number. A new serial number is supplied when you purchase a renewal of your licence agreement. If an upgrade to the software is available, a new CD will be supplied with your renewal pack.

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How can I find out when my software expires?

You can usually find the date upon which the software will either stop working or shut down some of its funcionality by clicking on the 'Licence information' button which is at the top-right of the Start-up menu.

What happens when the software licence expires?

From 90 days before the software will shut down a warning message appears on the opening screen reminding you to renew the licence. Even after the 90 day warning period has passed you may be given a grace period during which the software will still partially or fully work as normal.

How can I transfer the licence and results from one computer to another?

This is quite straightforward. Because your school or organisation's licence details are held within a database file, by transferring this file to the second computer your licence details including serial number will be transferred too. Please see the fact sheet below for detailed instructions.
How to transfer databases between computers (Version 5)PDF

Why won't the Lucid serial number work after installation on a new computer even though I have time left on licence?

Lucid's serial numbers normally employ a special format which only allows them to be used within a particular time scale. This means that if you wish to install the software onto a different computer the serial number may not be accepted. If you experience this issue it can be rectified by transferring the licence information from the original computer it was installed on (the fact sheet below gives instruction on how to do this). If you are unable to transfer from one PC to another the serial number issue can be overcome so please contact us for information on how to do this. In the later editions of the software such as Version 5, it may be permitted to install during the calendar year following the issue of the serial number if the licence period is 3 or 5 years and if the user provides the invoice month and year when the registration screen asks for it.

How to transfer databases between computers (Version 5)PDF

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